5 Star Business Funding was established during a time of economic turmoil where many traditional funding sources were either reducing their lending activities or exiting the market completely. This exodus left small to mid-sized businesses with fewer financing alternatives.


We continue to support small businesses by offering unique financing alternatives, which are not universally available in the market today. In addition, we help many businesses with challenged credit gain access to funds and opportunities to rebuild their credit worthiness.


Our job is to “connect the right companies”, which means using our own funds through 5 Star Business Funding or through our extensive funding relationships to find you the best financing alternative for your business.

Core Values


These core values shape our team, relationships, business focus, strategy and growth. Our customers, partners and employees can count on these values to drive our relationships.


we celebrate each others efforts and achievements.


for peers, partners and customers.


connecting the right companies through new ideas, new methods and new processes.




focused on business, team and individual development.




our goal is to make your success simple.




expect total transparency that allows for a fully informed decision at no cost or obligation.